How we build a community of real Instagram customers in three months

Donna Donut was the project that taught us the importance of having a well-established marketing strategy, even before having the product ready to sell.

Research before launching a product is essential – knowing if the market is ready to consume what you have to offer is the first step in making the venture a success. The partnership with DD was super rich because we met right at the beginning of the kitchen preparations: they were still researching the best flour to use in the pasta, and we had already outlined a killer strategy to sell the combos.

What we delivered

Consulting, Visual Identity Redesign, Branding, Social Media Management, Digital Positioning Strategy.

The client

Donna Donut is a family business specializing in donut confectionery, those delicious American donuts, the object of desire of police officers in the cafe and immortalized by Homer Simpson. They were pioneers in making and selling donuts in Belo Horizonte.

Vince was an irreplaceable ally to conquer a space of affection and desire in the hearts of customers.

Dua DiasFounder and chef

The entire brand positioning was focused on building a loyal community.

In social media management, we take an approach that is completely focused on the experience the consumer has with the product – not the product itself.

By focusing on experience, we were able to generate desire in the brand’s target audience. We achieved strategic partnerships with influencers of interesting niches for the brand. Product photography always focusing on the happiness of those who receive a donut combo, with the superior quality of the product at the center.

Brand communication is always focused on customer loyalty. The editorial line we chose dealt with everyday situations, the intelligent use of memes, sharing scenes from product production to generate empathy and bring the audience behind the camera, into the kitchen.

The visual appeal of the product, colorful, with a food-porn footprint, was explored in the photographic direction.

The idea is for the brand to be unpretentious, communicate naturally with customers, be a friend and present in moments of affection and celebration. Donna Donut positions itself as the bringer of good things. The wording always suggests sharing the product, creating an even stronger sense of community.

Ordering a combo is anticipating the happiness of sharing a donut.